Heritage and Health: returning the heritage to the Old Library and Museum building, Worksop

The Aurora Wellbeing Centre in Worksop secured funding from the National Lottery Heritage Fund to work on an ambitious project to regenerate the Old Library and Museum building and introduce heritage activities to boost wellbeing.


The project will create new ways for the people of Worksop and users of the Aurora Wellbeing Centre to engage with heritage. It will introduce new interpretation and return heritage objects and activities to this much-loved community building.

It will:

  • Renovate, conserve and restore the Old Library and Museum building creating a multi-purpose centre
  • Create a ‘Heritage Hub’ within the centre for the people of Worksop to celebrate their heritage including physical displays and an innovative ‘Virtual Museum’
  • Deliver activities, projects and events designed to boost wellbeing and broaden opportunities for engagement with local people and users of the centre
  • Widen access to local heritage through volunteer programmes and partnerships
  • Develop work exploring heritage and health

Virtual Museum

The Virtual Museum will provide a way for people not only to learn about heritage but to share their own stories and curate their own galleries.


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